We are ethnobiology educators. Our mission is to help other ethnobiology instructors by providing a convenient location to find a variety of instructional materials for ethnobiology courses and curricula. We develop our own materials with four ethnobiology core concepts in mind. These include awareness, diversity, change, and connections. In addition, a number of core competencies useful to ethnobiological courses and programs are included. All materials on our links are freely shared using an open-systems philosophy. We welcome additions and use of this collection. Core concepts and competencies are listed in the OSN Vision and Change document.

SEB council presWe also encourage the upload and sharing of  resources made possible by the Life DiscoveryEd Digital Library. The Life DiscoveryEd Digital Library allows resources to go through a peer review process and become available for other educators. In addition, the OSN site houses links to resources that are stored on other pages such as university web servers or cloud-based resources.



The primary support for the Open Science Network in Ethnobiology has come from the many individuals who have contributed their time, ideas and links to this effort. We have also have major support, both financial and institutional, from the National Science Foundation, the Society for Economic Botany, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and the University of Hawai`i.